The MSM doesn't want you to remember United 93

Just as I mentioned here, today's release of the movie United 93 is the worst thing for the leftist MSM. For five years the media has tried to erase 9/11, or reinvent it into some isolated incident, if for no other reason than in the aftermath President Bush's true legacy was defined. But moreover it reminds us that we are in a war with lslamic extremist who want us destroyed and that the GWOT is valid and worth fighting. That is anathema to the MSM.

So on the day that the movie is released the Washington Post predictably comes foward with their bucket of water to slander the intent and motive of the movie.

"United 93," Hollywood's first big-budget film about the events of Sept. 11, 2001, is faithful to the major aspects of the tragic morning it depicts. The movie tracks the key events detailed in the 9/11 Commission Report, the most definitive source on the subject: the commandeering of the United jet by four terrorists, the panic of the passengers and the heroic rebellion that ended with the plane crashing in a field near Shanksville, Pa.

But the movie, which opens nationwide today, is a dramatic re-creation that includes scenes and images that go far beyond what is known about the attacks.

Those scenes raise questions: How far can a dramatic movie go in imposing its own reality before it distorts the public's understanding of the event? And with memories of 9/11 still vivid and raw, is it too soon for such films to be made?"

No, it's not. We should see it every day.

Two years ago the MSM toasted liar Michael Moore and his Fahrenheit 9/11 with interviews and documentaries. Even in some cases reporting the news as if it came directly from that totally and utterly debunked tripe. But Moore bashed Bush and that is an acceptable trade of fact for the MSM.

That which does not hold Bush in a bad light cannot stand. It must be mocked and discredited.

Go see this movie. Remember the bravery and sacrifice of those who gave all. Their spirit lives in the soul of every true American. Let those who would have us sympathize and coddle the cowardly Muslim scum who seek our annihilation be damned. Honor the memory of United 93 and all those who gave their life on that day by supporting this movie.

UPDATE: NRO's Rich Lowry's take - amen.