Rockefeller did you "teller?"- XIII- Damage Control 101

The first thing a defense attorney tries to do when they begin defense of their client is to attempt to get the confession thrown out.

Ever since Mary Loose Lips got caught having sweet mint teen with Dana Priest (among many others), the MSM has laughingly and suspiciously rather quickly come to her defense. First the NY Times in what Chris Hitchens calls a "three hankie" tries to show this traitor as some kind of national hero.

(Yeah, and John Kerry has real purple hearts).

Now Newsweek throws a quick defense brief out by noted liberal hacks Mark Hosenball and Michael Isikoff, that Mary Loose Lips now denies having confessed. Which is a lie - she did, and signed the appropriate statement to the effect. You don't fire career government employees without a written confession of their wrong doing. (Note that

Newsweek still thinks they control our reasoning ability - vis: 'We're dumb-asses'.

In fact I'm told that several insiders wanted to contribute to the Newsweek/NBC story but were told that their information wasn't needed - or what they had to say didn't fit the script.

So the story goes....

"The fired official, Mary O. McCarthy, “categorically denies being the source of the leak,” one of McCarthy’s friends and former colleagues, Rand Beers, said Monday after speaking to McCarthy. Beers said he could not elaborate on this denial and McCarthy herself did not respond to a request for comment left by NEWSWEEK on her home answering machine. A national security advisor to Democratic Party candidate John Kerry during the 2004 presidential campaign, Beers worked as the head of intelligence programs on President Bill Clinton’s National Security Council staff and later served as a top deputy on counter-terrorism for President Bush in 2002 and 2003. McCarthy, a career CIA analyst, initially worked as a deputy to Beers on the NSC and later took over Beer’s role as the Clinton NSC’s top intelligence expert."

Ok, lost credibility there. Rand Beers is a slug of the first order and that's without being a bossom buddy of Sandy "Docks in his jocks" Burglar. Beers is suspect number one in several ongoing probes into leaks from 2002-2003 - one of which was funneled through a certain US Senator. But that's coming later...

"The officials, who asked for anonymity because they were discussing sensitive information, said that McCarthy had been fired after allegedly confessing during the course of a leak investigation based heavily on polygraph examinations that she had engaged in unauthorized contacts with more than one journalist regarding more than one news story. The only journalist so far identified by government sources as one of the unauthorized persons with whom McCarthy admitted contact is Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, who last week won a Pulitzer Prize for revealing details of a secret airline and prison network that the CIA operates to detain and interrogate high-level Al Qaeda suspects."

When you rob a bank it doesn't matter if you took one-dollar or two=hundred thousand - you broke the law, you go to jail. Whether you wispered in Dana's ear, wrote it on a cocktail napkin, it's still treason.

"The sources told NEWSWEEK that because McCarthy’s alleged acknowledgements that she leaked classified information were made as a result of an inquiry based on polygraph examinations, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for prosecutors to use any admissions she made in trying to put together any criminal prosecution. One of the sources, a law enforcement official close to the investigation, noted that polygraph evidence is normally inadmissible in criminal court cases because of judicial doubts about the reliability and credibility of lie-detector machines. Also, the official said, witnesses submitting to a polygraph examination usually give up their rights not to make self-incriminating statements. The use of any admissions McCarthy gave under these circumstances for a criminal investigation would therefore be problematic, the official indicated."


In cases of felony and especially in cases of treason prosecution wouldn't be difficult at all. Notwithstanding that "pesky" confession.

Now if you weren't laughing your ass off yet:

"Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst who got into a dispute with McCarthy in the late l980s when she was his supervisor and remains critical of her management style, nonetheless says that he “never saw her allow her political [views] to cloud her analytical judgment.” Johnson maintains the Bush White House is “really damaging the intelligence community” by sending a message to career officials that “unless you are a partisan of the party in power, you cannot be trusted.” This message, Johnson says, is destroying the intelligence community’s “professional ethos.”

No Johnson, the message is that secrets are made to be kept and that ops aren't to play party politics and try to bring down a US President during time of war.

You are all the most foul of traitors and will be dealt with appropriately.

Ethos that!

UPDATE: Heh, AJ Strata's take and notes that Staff writers Dana Milbank, Susan Schmidt and Dana Priest, political researcher Brian Faler and researcher Lucy Shackelford contributed to this report.


UPDATE II: As I told you, the FBI is closing in.

Also JPod at the Corner: Newsweek is reporting that Mary McCarthy denies being the leaker. This despite stories in the press saying that she failed a polygraph and admitted to it. McCarthy's not the the one who told Newsweek. Do you know who did? Her "close friend" Rand Beers. Who's Rand Beers? The National Security Council staffer who quit in 2003 and went to work as John Kerry's senior national security campaign adviser. You know who else is Rand Beers's old friend from the National Security Council staff? Joseph C. Wilson IV. Just saying."

UPDATE III: More with Jed Babbin: "McCarthy took advantage of the position she had been entrusted and violated her legal obligations. Serving in the CIA's inspector general's office, she had a special responsibility. The IG's office is legally authorized to be privy to compartmented information, the highest level of classification. Other CIA employees only see bits and pieces of such information because the compartmentalization system is designed to prevent all but a few top people to see all the pieces and know what they mean in the larger context. She violated her highest duty because her political beliefs were opposed to the policy that the President had established. Her disclosure was politically motivated. She wanted to thwart the policy of the President, and she achieved her goal by committing a felony. McCarthy should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent the law allows. As should her fellow CIA leakers and manipulators of policy."

Amen brother...amen.

Further Thomas Joscelyn on the point.

UPDATE IV: Allah Pundit's bio on Mary Loose Lips, via Michelle Malkin.