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Able Danger - Great Summer Story -10

AJ over at Strata Sphere has a new bit of news on the Great Summer Story of Able Danger:

"Lo and Behold! We have a new voice speaking on the subject of Able Danger - someone never before heard from:

"Rep. Curt Weldon, Pennsylvania Republican, correctly asserts the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001, could have been averted. The assertion was based on his efforts as early as 1999 to create a national collaborative or fusion center.

"Mr. Weldon first sought help from Eileen Preisser, who ran the Information Dominance Center at the U.S. Army’s Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA) at Fort Belvoir, Va. He then asked this writer to work with Ms. Preisser to see how the Army initiative could be expanded into a national effort."

Well ‘this writer’ is “F. Michael Maloof … a former senior analyst in the Office of the Defense Secretary” and he is no low level person. We also now have an indication of where the initial resistance may to Able Danger may have come from. I say ‘may’ because I still think the true source of the major resistance was the DoD Counsel’s office."

('Plubbbbb!!! - Sound of a Raspberry on this one - sorry)

First, where, while I agree Maloof impressive witness, just where has Mr. Maloof been all through the Summer?

That aside, Mr. Maloof isn't really telling us stuff we don't know.

In fact, much of what he says in this article is a rehash of Weldon's June 27th, 2005 speech, specifically with reference to NOAH. Interestingly enough that speech occured on the same date (for effect?), that the " June 27, 2005 article in The Washington Times appeared, that "reported U.S. investigators were concerned with China and its middlemen increasingly and illegally obtaining "sensitive or classified U.S. weapons technology" from U.S. companies"

Now aside from my skeptism (which I admit wanes a bit daily); the China Connection does wake my attention as my of my primarily skills in the Army had to so with what was at the time, Soviet/Sino Airland Battle Doctrine.

Earlier in the year I posted a series on "Keeping Our Eyes on the East", about the growning Russian/Sino alliance which I believe to be a bigger threat long term than current situation with terrorism.

In fact, I suspect that our modern terrorism may be a bit of a smoke screen to hide the bigger story.

As we know the Pentagon, released a report on the strenghtening of the Chinese Military, and indeed, it's recent co-military exercises with Russia are simply "dry runs", to repell the US when (and it is when) China invades Taiwan.

Back when China was angling to buy Unocal, it got my skivvies in in a uproar, as it did other analysis's in Washington and elsewhere. Other's weren't convinced it detailed a threat.

Thanks to some covert ops the deal fell through.

However, I'm now a little refreshed and interested in checking further into this link.

My god, dare I say, the Great Summer Story continues?


Tracked with Cpt Ed.


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