Thursday, November 17, 2005


Able Danger - The Ramp Up!

Think Weldon's gone?


Lawmakers join Weldon in calling for testimony on Able Danger

"Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.) has gathered at least 202 Congress members’ signatures for a request that participants of an intelligence cell that may have identified some of the Sept. 11 ringleaders a year before the attacks be allowed to testify before Congress.

Weldon has been leading the crusade for months, but his colleagues, several of them prominent members of the GOP conference, now appear to be listening.

Weldon plans to send the letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in the coming days requesting that he allow the participants in the cell known as “Able Danger” to testify in open congressional hearings.

So far, the officers involved in the intelligence cell have not been allowed to testify in the only hearing on the topic, which the Senate Judiciary Committee held in early fall.

Weldon, who has been waging a war against the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) almost single-handedly, now has the signatures of more than 100 GOP members and 80 Democrats for the letter. At press time, Weldon was still gather
ing signatures from his colleagues.

Weldon also hopes to obtain signatures from some Senators before the letter is sent, according to his spokesperson."

Look for the stall from the DOD on this - there's more the story - and more than most people know now. Also, apparently there is more coming on Schaffer (smear or otherwise) I don't know but something is definitely coming.


Meanwhite Louis Freeh gives us a recap of Able Danger in his OPED today in the WSJ:

"It was interesting to hear from the 9/11 Commission again on Tuesday. This self-perpetuating and privately funded group of lobbyists and lawyers has recently opined on hurricanes, nuclear weapons, the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and even the New York subway system. Now it offers yet another "report card" on the progress of the FBI and CIA in the war against terrorism, along with its "back-seat" take and some further unsolicited narrative about how things ought to be on the "front lines."

Yet this is also a good time for the country to make some assessments of the 9/11 Commission itself. Recent revelations from the military intelligence operation code-named "Able Danger" have cast light on a missed opportunity that could have potentially prevented 9/11. Specifically, Able Danger concluded in February 2000 that military experts had identified Mohamed Atta by name (and maybe photograph) as an al Qaeda agent operating in the U.S. Subsequently, military officers assigned to Able Danger were prevented from sharing this critical information with FBI agents, even though appointments had been made to do so. Why?

There are other questions that need answers. Was Able Danger intelligence provided to the 9/11 Commission prior to the finalization of its report, and, if so, why was it not explored? In sum, what did the 9/11 commissioners and their staff know about Able Danger and when did they know it?"

Damn Louie, tell us how you REALLY feel! Heh...go boy.

Louie is kind of the "smoking gun" on this thing no one figured on. He had been out of the "limelight" since he retired in May of 2001, yet Able Danger took place during his watch (a fact he curiously omits). Does Louie know something, or is he spooning to sell more copies of his book, "My FBI"?

Lots of "curious" things took place under Louis's watch like Waco, Oklahoma City, TWA 800, Kohbar Towers, USS Cole. I would be interested to see his take on some of those things.

What about it Louie?

As I said here, Al Qaeda's war with the US didn't start on 9/11, it began on April 19th, 1995.

Since we want to get the truth out, let's get it all out.

There is also this developing story that might just tie into everything. I posted on the Lee case here.

Can you say, Plame Game in the corner pocket banked off the Able Danger/China Gate Eightball?

UPDATE: New post here.

Also AJ Strata; Cpt Ed

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