Monday, November 28, 2005


RNC - Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way - UPDATE

Michelle Malkin is getting threatening letters from the group "Mainstream Republicans", who are a George Soros funded or is it, was it? Here was my post on that story.

Michelle writes:

"The "Main Street" Republicans, who I criticized earlier this month for sabotaging conservative House efforts to open up ANWR for drilling, have sent a letter accusing me of "libelous statements." I've uploaded the letter from Danielle Graham, counsel for the Republican Main Street Partnership, here. (As you'll see from the letter, it appears there are no spell checkers on "Main Street.")

This baseless legal threat is useful because it helps further illuminate the relationship between George Soros, the Republican Main Street Partnership, and the Main Street Individual Fund--as well as the Center for Responsive Politics, which runs the website "Open Secrets."

As you'll recall, I linked to the Open Secrets website on Nov. 10 after a reader pointed to a $50,000 donation listed there from George Soros to the Main Street Individual Fund, 2004 Election Cycle. Forgive me for spelling out the painfully obvious, but anyone who clicked on the link that I provided saw that I was pointing to the Soros donation to the Main Street Individual Fund, which funds "Main Street" moderate Republicans, as well as to the Center's statement connecting MSIF with the Republican Main Street Partnership:

Michell goes on to correct the record. But there are still far more questions.

However, notice the venom shown when the left get's caught with their hand in the cookie jar? Such as with Memogate, when it wasn't what the memo said but "how" someone got them.

Which reminds me still don't have an explaination of what went on their from the Senior Senator from Massachusetts.

Yeah, like we ever got one for Mary Jo.

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