Monday, November 28, 2005


CIA Prison Farce and the Right to Protect Ourselves

The biggest story in Europe today is that allegation that the CIA is secretly keeping prisoners (er, rather terrorists) in so called secret prison throughout the Europe.

Today we learn that Uber-liberal - Swiss Proscutor Dick Marty is on the case!

(Note: Warning Uber-Bias Der-Spiegel reporting):

"A bitter debate over torture has erupted in Europe. Washington is believed to have used EU countries as transit points for moving terrorism suspects to clandestine locations where they may have been tortured. The Council of Europe and other organizations are now demanding answers -- from the US and European countries who looked the other way.

Dick Marty, a liberal-minded Swiss citizen with a gray beard, glasses and a high forehead, knows what it's like to face a powerful opponent. As a prosecutor, he once successfully prosecuted the Mafia. His current adversary is just as intimidating and perhaps even more secretive than the Mafia. It's the United States Central Intelligence Agency, which, in an effort to back the White House, has responded to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks by kidnapping terrorism suspects and presumably abusing them in secret prisons. Now the Council of Europe has hired Marty to find out which European countries may have helped the US agents achieve their objectives.

Last Friday, the Swiss prosecutor made it clear that he has no compunctions about picking a fight with the world's sole remaining superpower. A self-confident Marty filed a request with the European Union's satellite center in Torrejón, Spain for satellite photographs from the past three years. He hopes to use the images to determine whether the alleged secret prisons did in fact exist, in countries like Poland and Romania. He also contacted the European aviation authority, Eurocontrol, asking for data on the flight movements of 31 aircraft suspected of having served as CIA shuttles for the transport of prisoners or abducted terrorism suspects."

This story began by no less than a "leak" to the Washington Post's Dana Priest who broke the story on November 2nd.

It's important to understand that in spite of the claims of Human Rights Watch and other left wing so-called watchdog organizations and much of the European leftist media, no crime has been found to be committed. It is not a crime to protect ourselves from these dogs.

The prisoners we are keeping aren't garden variety thugs, but the worst of the worst that Al-Qaeda has to offer.

Most of the accusations of so-called torture have been from ex captives who in between car bombings stop off to talk to reporters.

Now the EU says it will hold "voting rights" over the heads of any nation helping us out. Heh, Screw 'em. The EU is a bust anyway, and within a few years it will have been a "laughing stock" moment in history.

Europe had better wake the hell up and decide does it want to intergrate and coddle terrorist, or hunt them down, and put them away.

As assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Dan Fried said the other day after meeting with our Alies in Europe:

"We have a duty to protect our people and to do our best to protect others from terrorists," he said. "We are conducting this struggle in a manner consistent with our values and our international obligations and will continue to do that."

Amen Brother - Tell it! It's the reason we have what Europe hasn't since 9/11 - another attack on this soil. Whatever we're doing, we need to keep doing it.

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