Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Plame Game - You Shall Know the Truth.....

The House of Wilson is about to crumble as more an more blogs, OPED's and news stories question what I and others have been questioning for nearly two years now - the credibility (or lack of it) of one "Mr. Africa" Joseph Wilson.

This article in Amerian Spectator piggybacks on the work of others and that's a good thing as the more who talk about it, the more people will hear and know the truth, which is posted at Langley, "and the Truth Shall Set You Free".

Author Jed Babbin covers most of what readers of this blog and AJ Strata's blog and Tom McGuire's blog already know. To wit: That this Plame Game was cooked up and served by rogue CIA ops, mostly retired and active, in a attempt 1) To discret the Present Adminstration, and 2) To cover up the selling of uranium to rogue nations for nothing more than the oldest motivator in the world - money.

He too would like to see a full investigation into the Plame Game, asking such questions as:

"The whole Wilson/Plame affair stinks to high heaven. And the smell is coming from Langley. Porter Goss should receive credit for working hard to fix the CIA. The Wilson affair isn't his problem, it's ours. Right now, the CIA's disinformation campaign has cost Scooter Libby his future, threatens other White House staffers and -- most importantly -- burdens the credibility of the president in time of war. It affects our standing in the world, our relationship with our allies, and our strength in the eyes of our enemies. In short, this damned thing needs to be unraveled, publicly, and right bloody now.

The American people need this matter investigated forthwith, and not -- God help us -- by yet another special counsel. The Senate Intelligence Committee should, immediately, investigate and get the following questions answered publicly as soon as possible:

1) What precisely does the CIA criminal referral that started the Fitzgerald investigation say? It should be declassified and published;

2) Who approved the criminal referral and why?

3) Was Pavitt the person who approved the Wilson mission? Who else approved the mission and how it was to be performed?

4) Why did they choose Wilson instead of someone qualified?

5) Why wasn't Wilson required to sign a confidentiality agreement?

6) Were his various op-eds vetted at CIA?

7) Who else, beside Vallely and his wife, knew Plame was a CIA employee, when did they know it, and from whom?

8) Who was Bob Novak's source? Was it Wilson? Pavitt? Someone else at CIA? "

These actually be questions I will answer and review answers already given in future posts - stay tuned.

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