Monday, November 28, 2005


Plame Game - The Real Game

"Since it’s creation in 1947, the CIA has been a service dominated by a handful of individuals who carried out their activities as they saw fit, some honestly trying to serve the national interest, others focusing enormous amounts of energy on personal political advantage, even personal profit." - Prelude to Terror: the Rogue CIA, The Legacy of America's Private Intelligence Network the Compromising of American Intelligence - Robert Trento

"...or those of us who served as CIA analysts when Richard Nixon was president. Chalk it up to our naivete, but we were taken aback when swashbuckling James Schlesinger, who followed Richard Helms as CIA director, announced on arrival, "I am here to see that you guys don't screw Richard Nixon!" Ray McGoven - former CIA Analysist (VIPS member)

While we’re on the Plame Game let’s review what we have to date.

We know at this point that the whole thing began as a “disinformation ploy” to discredit the US War effort in Iraq. The major question beside that of “Political” reasons is the greater question of “why”? I’ve obtained several reasons, but primarily there was the motivation to stop the Bush Administration from killing the “Golden Goose” for which not only Nations were getting rich, but also individuals within our own government - namely from within the IC community. Make no mistake, a lot of people were getting rich by Saddam and the Oil for Food Program, but it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Understand this, that the CIA from the inside is made up of people with the same political persuasions you’ll find on the outside of the "cryptic wall". For the most part Langley was, and in many cases still is a “liberal” organization. Just as the State Department under Colin Powell was. Not liberal in the sense we often think of it, but from a decidedly socialistic/leftist and sometimes totalitarian perspective.

For the betterment Director Goss has made sweeping changes and has taken out the “trash”, as it is called, as evident by the “rumblings” we have seen by the MSM and groups like the VIPS. Let’s hope he continues.

The State Department, as insiders tell me, is also coming along as Condi Rice has basically begun to “crack the whip” and get those "out of line" in line, although she has a tougher road travel to cleaning up that rats nest. Where the CIA has a political component, the State Department is a Politcal Entity unto it's own when left unfettered.

But as I also eluded to, even in the best police departments, among the best of cops, money corrupts - as it did with some in this case. Another is the CIA "past time" of “Nation Building”, or of playing the “Grand Chess Game”. Since the early days of it’s inception, rogue elements of the CIA have participated with illicit activities which have included at times selling prohibitive weaponry to enemy states. Sometimes it was for money, but most often it was to “help things along” in the Grand Scheme of things.

Taking out Saddam put a lot of these plans “on hold” and upset the apple cart of some very powerful and influential people. Subsequently they are not going to forget George Bush - now or ever.

Even so, they are not finished yet. For as Saddam has been removed (as it was they who had planted him in the first place), so now their focus is at any cost not to let “democracy” succeed in the region - so, disruption at any cost.

If one thinks that insurgents are all teenage boys and uneducated and ruddy men with no backing or mission they are deceived out of their socks. The Bush administration - although not sharing this for public consumption, is well aware of the war that is on - and who the are fighting. That they - and we who are with them - are fighting a war not just on the outside, but also and continually with those within our own walls.

Dangerous times indeed.

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