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Plame Game - Time to Fight Back

One of the things I like about President Bush most times is that he doen't get into the finger pointing and name calling other politians get into such as those on the other so often do. I'm reminded on the time when Bill Clinton actually called into a radio talk show to complain that Rush Limbaugh's show didn't allow a rebuttal.

Yet on the Iraq Intel story it has always befuddled me why he and his aides have never fought back the tired rehoric of Democrats, the MSM the anti-war left (as if there is a difference). We'll as we know that assault began Friday, but it's only the beginning according to Newsmax:

Sen. Sessions Skewers Democrats on WMD Rhetoric

"Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) pleaded with his Democratic colleagues Thursday to stop their false and destructive criticism of the Bush administration's handling of pre-war intelligence. "This Senate," Sessions warned, "should never, never, never parrot the false charges of our enemies."

"The world hears what we say here," he continued, "Please remember that exaggerated political charges can do more than sting our political opponents here at home."

Sessions was responding to recent claims of Senate Democrats that the Bush administration misled the American public into the Iraq war....

He noted:

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence issued a unanimous bipartisan report in July 2004 clearing the administration of charges of manufacture or manipulation of pre-war intelligence.

The Robb-Silverman Report, partially named for co-chairman and former Democratic Senator Charles Robb (D-Va.), concluded there was "no evidence of political pressure to influence the intelligence community's pre-war assessment of Iraq's weapons programs."

The final United Nations report upon exiting Iraq concluded Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Sessions pointed out, "virtually all intelligence agencies in the world, including the French who were certainly not under our control, agreed."

Now Democrats know this. They know what they said, and despite the new spin that they didn't see "all" of the intelligence, the 90 page classified version of the NIE was delivered to Congress who in October of 2002, under tight security were able to view it in the offices of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees Absolutely utter jive nonsense.

Yet all the reports in the world are not going to satisfy them until their BS is exposed for the world to see.

"Other Republicans might soon join Sessions in excoriating Democrats for their "Bush lied" rhetoric.

Anonymous White House aides told CNN Tuesday that they are planning a "campaign-style" strategy. They plan to provide GOP officials with quotes by prominent Democrats who made similar pre-war claims regarding Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.

Republicans will not have to look far. Most Democrat leaders - including former President Bill Clinton - made statements strikingly similar to those made by Bush administration officials in the months preceding the Iraq war.

Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) noted the Web site of Senator Reid in a speech on the Senate floor Monday.

"What is my position on Iraq?" Reid asked on his own Web site as recently as Monday.

"Saddam Hussein is an evil dictator," Reid answers, "who presents a serious threat to international peace and security. Under Saddam's rule, Iraq has engaged in far-reaching human rights abuses, been a state sponsor of terrorism, and has long sought to obtain and develop weapons of mass destruction." (2002)

Again, it's about time. Democrats still haven't figured out George Bush. Just when they thought they had him, this assault launched now and continuing into next year will begin to turn the tide, as the American people will see just how flip-floppy and moon-batty the Democratic Party has become.

As Thomas Lifson of American Thinker wrote last year:

"One final note on George W. Bush’s management style and his Harvard Business School background does not derive from the classroom, per se. One feature of life there is that a subculture of poker players exists. Poker is a natural fit with the inclinations, talents, and skills of many future entrepreneurs. A close reading of the odds, combined with the ability to out-psych the opposition, leads to capital accumulation in many fields, aside from the poker table.

By reputation, the President was a very avid and skillful poker player when he was an MBA student. One of the secrets of a successful poker player is to encourage your opponent to bet a lot of chips on a losing hand. This is a pattern of behavior one sees repeatedly in George W. Bush’s political career. He is not one to loudly proclaim his strengths at the beginning of a campaign. Instead, he bides his time, does not respond forcefully, a least at first, to critiques from his enemies, no matter how loud and annoying they get. If anything, this apparent passivity only goads them into making their case more emphatically."

When it's all said and done the Democratic Party will never know what hit them.

Mark it, you heard it here first.

UPDATE: Tom Mcguire's take and a towel to wipe the egg off Reid's mug. Michelle Malkin says "It's about damn time!" I agree. Capt Ed with more.

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