Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Fuzzy - Wuzzy Nutbag Alert

It was bound to happen. This site "Reopen911.org" contains every left-wing nutbag conspiracy theory to date on 9/11, the 2000, 2004 election, Abu Grab, Big Foot and Cindy Sheehan too! (Note: size of Cindy's feet not noted, but said to be larger than the 'crowds" at her book signing.

Still you have to see to believe it.

Here's a taste of the hard hitting reporting:

"In 1997, 1998, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, Steve Forbes, Planned to Fake a "New Pearl Harbor" (page 63) as excuse to Ivade Iraq!"

Ok, but they must have been doing it in a bar somewhere as none of them were in power.

........Clinton was

Oh, don't let facts stop your inner moonbat! Theory on Dude!

For the really daring there is a contest:

"$1,000,000 Contest
Prove Explosives NOT Used!"

This is of course the "Government blew up the towers" theory.

I've sent my entry in. Only problem is according to the site they're running out of money so maybe like, I won't get my cool Million?

Anyway, drop by, and see for yourself - leftwing/moonbat lunacy - the gift that keeps on giving!

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