Friday, November 11, 2005


Veteran's Day

We slogged through the mud, the mire, …. the blood, the guts and the tears.

We ate from cans, and sometimes not at all.

We read our muddy bloodstained letters from home; when they came. We shared ours with our comrades who didn’t receive one for that day.

We hugged our families and said goodbye, when called up to go. We spent our time in foreign lands, and not able to watch our children grow.

We fought and bled and died for a cause greater than Republican or Democrat, Right or Left.

We fought because in this world there are those who would take away what we cherish so deeply; our freedom and honor, we will never stand for that.

We didn’t do it for a parade...but thanks that you remember us with one.

We didn’t’ do it for a medal....but we wear them proudly.

We didn’t do it for a “political agenda”...we did it because freedom isn’t free.

We didn’t do it so we could be “honored”; we did it because of duty, honor and country, these things which are eternal and unchanging.

You don’t have to thank us today, just live today in the freedom we paid for and never, ever take it for granted.

Read President Bush's Proclamation here.

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