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Another Baseball Analogy

I'm a serious Atlanta Braves Fan - never miss a game!

But in a season there is a 163 games and although we've won 11 division titles, during any given season we always slump at some point, most often for us it's in the post season.

Yet ask any baseball analysts about slumping - "If you're going to do it, better early then late".

There's no denying that President Bush seems to be in a slump. Polls aside, because looking at the internals of many of these polls you will see that they are a 'little off" weighted with Democrats and so-called Independents, nevertheless, I wish the numbers were better.

Yet after getting nothing but bad press since the beginning of the year by a more than compliant press, I'm surprised they haven't hung him yet!

But beginning last Friday, on Veteran's Day, the President began to hit back and hit HARD. It's about time. Some like Rick Moran think it's too little too late. Maybe, but we've got three years left in the season, plenty time to go on a home run tear.

For too long this administration didn't fight back, with the ill informed moonbat left thowing out every conceivable half baked theory with no challenge except by us bloggers. Frankly, I was getting a little frustrated. In fact, I put my frustration to very terse letters to the RNC as I'm sort of an "Area Commander" here in South Florida for the RNC. Unless you missed that I said "South Florida"? Enemy territory?

Every President that has had a second term has had a slump. Some, like the last one had a lot more than a slump....

In any case, they all rebounded, and now that Bush is fighting back - not with rhetoric, but with the truth. When you hit these leftist nutcases with the truth they either resort to calling you a Nazi or imploding like Senator Rockefeller did on Fox News Sunday (Cripes he look like he was having a stroke!).

So team Bush is in a slump, but he got a hit on Friday, and a couple of more over the weekend, and last night he smacked it right over the fence.

The Slump is over!

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