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Giant Stadium - No Separation of Terrorism and Football?

It's amazing that if Giants Stadium were to build a Christian Prayer room, the ACLU would be doing a three-foot hover over the Supreme Court, screaming "Separation of Football and God!"

Well, not when the god is Allah...

Giants Stadium sets aside prayer spaces

"NEWARK, N.J. - A special area for people who want to pray will be set aside at Giants Stadium, where several Muslim fans were detained and questioned by the FBI in September, the stadium operator said Tuesday.

Sohail Mohammed, lawyer for the Totowa-based American Muslim Union, met Sunday with officials from the sports complex, private vendors and the FBI to educate them about the cultural and religious practices of Islam.

George Zoffinger, president of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, said he agreed to designate areas to pray at the football stadium and the nearby Continental Airlines Arena.

"We took it seriously. We did not like the connotation that we were profiling. We weren't," he said.

The FBI said it detained five Muslim men Sept. 19 because they were in a sensitive area near the stadium's main air intake duct.

The men said they had been praying, and said they believed they had been singled out because of their faith.

Security was extra tight that night because former President Bush was on hand as part of a fundraising campaign for victims of Hurricane Katrina."

This is nuts. the Giant's organization should be ashamed for caving into this nonsense. These dopes had no business hanging around an air conditioning vent to 'pray'. This is the kind of namby-pamby, touchy-feely, crappola that is going to get people killed.

Wanna bet that terrorist sympathizing CAIR is behind this?

Better yet, contact Giant's Stadium to find out. Here is their website.


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