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Via Newsmax: Tammy Bruce: Dems Claims are ‘So 18 Months Ago’

"Tammy Bruce said repetitive and clearly disingenuous claims by Democrats that "Bush lied” about weapons of mass destruction are "so 18 months ago,” and don’t do a thing to advance the security of America against global terror.

Bruce, appearing Monday on Fox News Channel, said the Democrats are making no traction with their claims, despite a review of President Bush’s low approval numbers.

"The polls do not reflect reality,” Bruce said. "If all polls were right, John Kerry would be president now. Thanks goodness he is not.”

Bruce, author of "The New American Revolution: Using the Power of the Individual to Save our Nation from Extremists," blamed the intelligence community for any incorrect information regarding Saddam Hussein’s capacity to develop and use weapons of mass destruction.

"It was an intelligence community failure, not a Bush administration failure no matter how you look at it,” Bruce said. "The reality is that you have a Congress with people who have been there for decades – much longer than Bush has been president. They have seen this WMD information for years."

Bruce said Democrats should "get over" their attempts to paint Bush as a liar and focus, instead, on the Democrats' real weakness as a party - keeping America strong and safe from future attack.

"We are a world at war – a nation at war,” Bruce reminded. "Let’s get our act together and win it.”

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