No Atrios, You're Just Full of Shit...

Moonbat Blogger "Atrios" writes:

"The NIE

I think that the recently statements of Stephen Hadley are really all we need to put the final nail in the coffin of the Bush adminsitration's credibility on anything. These people are just quite literally loathsome.

Hadley argues that Democrats had the same intelligence because "parts of" the NIE "had been made public."

Right, and the parts of the NIE which weren't made public were the parts which suggested that the parts which were made public were full of shit.

Any talking head who overlooks this fact to try to claim that "democrats had the same intelligence as Republicans" is just completely full of shit. They only the had the bits that made their case, not the bits which took away from it.

And people question my patriotism?"

No , not your patriotism just you're mental state

....and btw, what's with you people on the left and your insecurity about Patriotism?


This point Atrios is making is obviously referrence to the remarks of President Bush made today that Democrats that are backtracking now, saw the same intel as the White House. Yet Atrios cites none other than VIPS prep statement as a rebuttal, which is pretty much answered here.

So they "slid" another assessment on them when no one was looking...right.

Ass clowns.

Dissmination of the NIE was then and always has been given to those on the Senate Intelligence Committee, of which sat the fat assed moron of Senators Bob Graham, and who now sit Rockefeller, Boxer, Levin, Feinstein and others who act like someone locked them in a closet or something. Again, I will help them remember their words here and here.

Pathetic it is, and as I said, it isn't going to work. That's what happens when you go on the record for nearly six years previous - as many of these democrats did - and cite Saddam's danger to the world.

The only reason they're recanting now is political. They simply see an advantage in challenging facts that are easy to understand unless like this dolt you, "can't be confused with facts because your mind is made up".

UPDATE: Exhibit one: This dolt doesn't have a clue which report the President aluded to.

Again, clueless. Someone get me a shovel!

UPDATE: Want another example? This from the "Left Coaster" (comments by me).

LC: "Skippy knows full well that the so-called Senate investigation, thanks to Bush water-carrier Pat Roberts, was forbidden from evaluating what the White House did with the intelligence. Both the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report and the Silberman-Robb Commission indicate that they were not allowed to look into how the Administration manipulated the available intelligence."

(Me: Prove it. I read the SRC report; and the after reports and theres no such mention of any restriction - none. "Indicate" my arse! More like you "inferred because you didn't like the results! Just like you tried to make more out of Fitzmas Fizz than it was - the delusion is absolutely amazing!)

LC: "As long as Bush wants to talk about the UN, he should then also talk about the IAEA’s refusal to endorse Bush’s WMD claims and their desire, ignored by Bush, to continue looking for weapons instead of starting a war based on false pretenses. Bush should also mention that he never got the second UN resolution either. And Skippy should also mention that it is now clear that neither the Senate investigation nor his own presidential commission were provided all the information; his White House withheld information from both."

(Me: He didn't need a second resolution. Saddam had flagratly violated resolution after resolution of the UN, over a 11 year period. It was about time someone did something. Oh, and let's hear about the IAEA. Yeah the IAEA that conveniently found that the Niger docs were forgeries only a week after the invasion began. The same IAEA that allowed Saddam to keep a 500 ton cache of Yellowcake at Al Tuwaitha, and the same IAEA that broke a "Al Qaqaa story just weeks before the 2004 election - yeah, those guys)

"More than 100 Democrats in the House and the Senate who had access to the same intelligence voted to support removing Saddam Hussein from power," Bush said.

LC: "Do you really want to claim Mr. Bush that you provided the House and Senate with the “same intelligence” that you had? If so, prove it. Bob Woodward of all people makes clear in “Plan of Attack”, that Bush didn’t give Congress all the information he had. Woodward says so on pages 185, 199, 203, and 264."

Gawd,'re citing Bob Woodward? Mr. "Channeling"? Who's your next source, Michael Moore, Barbara Streisand?

Make it two shovels because the doodle squat is piling high!

UPDATE II: More from Glenn Reynolds.

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