Plame Game - 'Uncle Ray' on CSPAN

Alright regular readers, it's Open Comment Monday. This week we have Ray McGovern firing shots today on CSPAN. Two shows:

Ray McGovern, Fmr. CIA Analyst
Ray McGovern, Former CIA Analyst, discusses the CIA under Peter Goss's leadership and the debate over CIA leaks.
11/14/2005: WASHINGTON, DC: 45 min.

and guess who he appears with here?

Washington Journal Entire Program
Walter Pincus, National Reporter, The Washington Post
Ronald Kessler, Author, "Inside the CIA"
Ray McGovern, Former CIA Analyst (1963-90)
11/14/2005: WASHINGTON, DC: 3 hr.

Why am I NOT suprised?

Open thread, comment away!

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