Plame Game - Wilson Under the Palms....and the Microscope

Was on the phone today with sources who are getting a little more bold as time goes on, again, their not all foxes in the hen house. They want the story to get told - the Real Story of the Plame Game which yours truly has been harping on since Summer is finally taking flight with more "press" sniff the same scent. In fact, Rush Limbaugh covered it the last two days extensively.

The Democrats can pull all the circus stunts they want, but this story is going to get out. The real story of Valerie Plame, Joseph Wilson - and now apparently certain members of the Senate, House and MSM. Again, that Iron Triangle, but this time - it's not 1972.

This time the house of cards is going to fall hugely, indeed it already is.

As we know the Democratic Party on Full Crack Up Watch as of yesterday, and as you will see in the coming days it's only going to get worse. The reason is clear - unmet expectations.

Just in case you missed this, here is the reason they were so pumped for Fitzmas before Grinch stole it. It's hard to let an expectation go when you've worked 5 years for it and spent millions of dollars to "get even".

By the way, here's a little article to ponder for the left when they try to get people to believe that it was ONLY Bush's idea to take out Saddam. Truly, these people are clueless.

Now for a little more musings on Joe Wilson. As you know by reading my posts is that center the Plame Game is the Niger Story, particulary the second one, where in 2002, Joseph went and 'drank sweet mint tea and speak with dozens of people' and that crook Mamadou, and came back saying, "No Yellowcake".

But the great question, indeed mine all along was, why send Joe? What could he have possibly added to the question of whether or not Niger was selling yellow cake?

Of course this trip was in itself on it's face totally unnecessary on it's face as the Ambassador to Niger Barbro-owens Kirkpatrick had already tagged General General Carlton Fulford. In fact, Fulfords mission had much more veracity as he talked with current leaders - somthing that Kirkpatrick asked Wilson not to do. The common point between both the meeting of Wilson the "has beens of Nigerian politcs" and Fulford's meeting with current ones was that both had been given a set of "talking points" drawn up by the CIA. (SSCI).

Of Wilson's talking points we know that they were constructed not to get to the truth, but to come to a predetermined conclusion.

"The talking points did not refer to the specific reporting on the alleged Iraq-Niger uranium deal, did not mention names or dates from the reporting" (SSCI page 41).

While we don't have Fulfords CIA drafted talking points, but do you want to bet they "matched" Wilson's?

But again, why did Wilson have to go? After all, Kirkpatrick asked Wilson not to talk with the same group that Fulford spoke with as that would "complicate continuing diplomatic efforts on the uranium issue".

What? I thought Wilson was the "African Go-to Guy? I mean he had been there in '99 and now in 2002, he had lots of contacts right? So why did Kirkpatrick basically "chop block" him and send him off to talk to corrupt former officials?

This is made more comical as Joe returns home and gets debriefed not at Langley, but in his living room by a couple of DOs' while Valerie plays 'hostess'.

"Please Honey, how about a beer, I'm a little tired of tea".

I ask, "Am I dreaming?" Or is this the worst movie script you have ever seen?

Even more 'dreamy", a report is prepared as an answer to an inquiry by the Vice President of the United States and it's sent basically third class distribution. Right, 'Check's in the mail".

The fact is that as I've said, Joe didn't go to confirm squat. He went to run interferrence for an earlier transaction he helped broker in '99. Why interferrence? That will be coming in a new post. Zell Miller in this article asks some other questions of Wilson's trip.

Also, Captain's Quarters; and make sure you check out Clarice Feldman's piece at American Thinker.

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