Plame Game - Yellow Wedding Cake

One of the most facinating facts of the Plame Game is the curious involvement of the principal subject, Valerie Plame.

It's no secret that Mr. Wilson went to great effort to "hide the fact" that his wife "specifically recommended him for the trip". Detractors, of this fact cited in the SSCI, are quick to try to say that "She was a low level employee and she just 'offered up his name'", which again, we know to be false.

However, more important, Valerie had 'offered up his name in the past as well, in 1999 on another mission for "Uranium Related Matters", Additionally, if she was such a low level employee, then how did her "low level" suggestion get through? Again, who sends a washed up, has been, Bush bashing,ex-ambassador with 'baggage' on a "fact finding mission"?

So the question to ask is "why"? Why was it so important for Wilson to deny this fact? Even more direct, other than the 'offering up" of Joe's name, what other part did Valerie possibly play?

Recently we have heard that French company COGEMA has been cited in the Oil for Food Scandal. You who have been following along might remember COGEMA is in many minds suspected of being a "yellow cake" middle man for sales to Iraq.

The question is though, as a company of this visibility and size, they wouldn't have dealt directly without so type of "cover". So the question would be "'who" helped broker the deals between Niger and Iraq, and do it in such a way that it would never be discovered? Who would have access and influence and power to ensure that such transactions went "undected"?

Who indeed.

Brewster-Jennings and Associates

What better 'middleman" than a company formed to track human intelligence on black market transfers of weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear materials? It's like crooked NARCS stealing the dope. Except in this case this operation was so amatureist, and easily discoverable that one can wonder how low level the operation was. Yet another question would be, "Who would ulimately fund the operation"?, and who knew about it?

A clue may be a possible reason why DUN, where BJA was registered in 1994, refused to release the filing source.

But as influencial and 'in place" as they were, BJA would need help. Enter 1998 and JC Wilson International. Incidently, this is the year that Valerie and Joe marry, having met "through business contacts" in 1997. Still, to gain total access, more would be needed.

One of the “proofs” offered by critics that Iraq was unable to buy YC, was that France controlled uranium through COGEMA, a subsidiary of French owned, AREVA. This of course is laughable on it’s face (as in the fox guarding the hen house), as the results from Oil for Food Scandal investigation have so far revealed.

Yet in making the exact connections between all the playas, the net becomes even wider.

The 623-page Volcker report suggests more than half of the companies (about 2200) that participated in oil-for-food helped Saddam undermine international sanctions on Iraq by supplying the regime with a ready source of income. Again, money corrupts, and while it is being found that countries like France, Germany and Russia 'paid the piper in orderto be paid BY the piper", and buying cover for illicit covert activities, we will soon find out that a lot of this money was funneling through the very core of our political system during the 2004 election.

In fact, the infamous IAEA comes to mind and makes more understandable it's suspected meddling to possibly influence the outcome of the 2004 election. One doubts whether the Oil for Food investigation would have preceeded as far as it has in a John Kerry administration.

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