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The question that no one wants to ask

Consider the following post as a little bit of a brain I babysit my new puppy.

By now, unless one is an intellectual moron (the press can leave the room), the meeting in Prague between Mohammed Atta and Al-Ani is a fact - at least one which can be more proven than disproven, which is a firm link to Iraq and Al Qaeda to which some think the Bush administration should be using to their advantage. The reluctance of which is disturbing to his supporters.

In any case the key would be a complete look into what Able Danger uncovered - right?

Well, here is where my post in the past on Able Danger were often misunderstood. It wasn't that I didn't see the veractity of Able Danger, or that I didn't want to see hearings into their work. My skeptism was due more to the fact that I know how the inner world of the IC works.

A rule, written in stone: " The Greater Good Shall Prevail".

Heres a few questions: Did our IC men and women know there was more than an exploding tank involved in the crash of TWA Flight 800? Sure they did.

Did they know that there were signifcant Al Qaeda links to the Oaklahoma City Bombing?

You bet cha.

The next question: And... 9/11.....?

and the answer?

Which would prompt the response: "Then why in God's name are they hiding this stuff?" "My goodness look what it cost us?"

The question people had when two planes hit the World Trade Towers was, "Who screwed up?".

People like me said, "Who let the Gorilla loose?"

Let me let you in on a trade secret: Our intel wasn't' then, and isn't now, that damn bad - period. Reading all the "goofs" over Atta in Prague and other "slips" uncovered since 9/11, you would think we had some real goofs running the IC camp.

The fact is that not even with Gorelick's wall are we that bad. I've found it hard to believe from day one that we could have been so asleep at the wheel that such an attack would happen.

Of course it's been a few years since my time chasing the Red Brigades across Germany in the 80s, but even then, we didn't "lose one", but we did "alow some". You figure the meaning - I'm too old for tin foil hats.

A few post back I asked in reference to Able Danger, "Do we really want to know the truth?"

That question stands. With some the answer is absolutely - let us know! But in the grand scheme of a world few have seen or survived, the answer is..... "Maybe not".


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