Senator Lurch - Please Run Again in 2008 - PLEASE!

Senator Lurch on getting out of,, pulling out of war:

"When 80 percent of the people say we want America to withdraw and when 45 percent of the people in the country we're fighting for believe it's OK to kill Americans to help us get there, the president is not dealing with a certain kind of reality that's important to the lives of our troops," said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., Bush's opponent in the 2004 presidential election."

Eighty percent? Excuse me Lurch, where are you getting this Kosmik Debri? Did you mean, a mid-November Gallup Poll, 52 percent supported either immediate withdrawal or withdrawal within 12 months? Oh, what's another 30 percent to you dolts - it's all bad anyway.

"It's all well and good to talk about being there with your troops training on the ground — training — until we are ready to leave. But that ignores what his own generals have told him," Kerry said of the president. "General Casey has said very clearly that it is the large presence of American forces on the ground that feeds the insurgency and makes it more difficult for the Iraqis to assume responsibility, because they don't have to."

And Lurch knows, although Casey said nothing of the kind. Although I guess it's like the same group of foreign leaders he talked about back here that you said wanted him to win the election. You know? That elusive group that hung out in coffee shops or whatever?

Maybe it's just the season and those memories of his Christmas in Cambodia tour?

Thanks for the insight Lurch. I guess we could say that your plan would be for them to have spent only four months in country, make some movies of their exploits, and then frag themself in the ass so they could go home and become a real life antiwar protester and run for President some day?

Is that it Lurch?