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To the RNC - Lead, Follow or Get the Hell out of the Way!

You know.....Tommorrow is Veteran's Day and I'm taking the day off to put on my uniform (yes it still fits!), and march with the rest of the gray hair old cusses down the street. Huurrah!

But first I just had to say this in light of today's Republican Agenda.....

Take a hike you wimps!

I've freaking had it with these lilly-livered, chicken sh-t Republicans we have in the House and Senate. In 40 years of politics I've never seen a more pansied bunch of light-weights in me life!

Let's face it, Hassert is a wuss, Frist is a lamer - and to hell with them both. To tell you the truth, if I were the Democratic leadership I wouldn't do a damn thing, because these two dopes are the best friends Harry Reid ever had.

Especially Hassert. Nice going you wuss letting the moderates whup up on you. Take a bow - out!


Oh, and Senator Roberts - Screw you, we're investigating that WAPO leak one way or another.

Forgot the Viagra (and apologies to the Ladies), it won't work on this bunch, they've gone permanently limp.

First they give up ANWR, caving in to so-called George Sorosfunded Republican Moderates; now they can't get a freaking budget passed, without even more concessions to them.

Talk about "Pelosi-whipped"! Cripes!

I'll tell you what. I've pulled my support of the RNC, both as an active worker/poll supervisor and monetarily (which is substantial) until I see radical change and movement in this party. Enough is enough.

Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

You know what? Better yet, get the hell out of the way, we're tired of waiting for you to lead. It's time for fresh blood. Perhaps thats just what we need.

We have a war on terror going on and one year ago we the voters gave you a mandate - sweeping victories in President, House and Senate, and what have you done with it? Nothing but consistently show that you couldn't screw a light bulb in without lighting your hair on fire.

We've had it and you're going to hear about it all the way to 2006 and beyond - get the drift.

As for those moderates, look yours up on this list and tell them how you feel about their betrayal. Let them know that "those who aren't for us, are against us", and that come 2006/2008 it's time to give those of them up for reelection a ticket home.

By the way Senator McCain - forget about it, not a chance bud!

More with Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: Damn Frist grows a pair! You go Doc!


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