The VIPS Plame Game - Niger Document Farce

More and more as I look at the Plame Game, one group seems to be at the beginning, middle and now with abandon, the end. That's Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, or VIPS. In fact the evidence I've accumlated is astounding and we will be examining it in the coming days. But for a this post, let's review an important point of the Niger forgeries as we've been talking a lot of about them.

Specifically, everyone is asking who did it, and why. That story is becoming more clear every day. My take is that the French did it, a view James Lewis cited in this article in American Thinker back in July of this year. After reviewing all the available evidence, I would agree.

However, the fact is that the left continually brings up these documents as proof the Bush Administration cooked up intelligence to go to war with Iraq. An assertion back in 2003 by VIPS member Ray McGovern that I'll cover further down.

Just shows you how well they pay attention.

The fact is that these documents had never factored in the decision to invade Iraq. Not only did Bush not use them or refer to them in his 2003 SOTU speech, but the British (who he did cite) have consistantly asserted that they played no part in their determination that a Iraq/Niger connection existed.

Futher, the Butler Report confirms this, as does the bipartisan Silberman-Robb Report.

So how did these forgeries if not relevant, gain such prominance in this story? Again, that well oiled disinformation campaign fed primilary through the MSM, and seeded by VIPS like Ray McGovern and further fed by well timed "in house leaks".

This propaganda piece on the trip written by McGovern curiously appeared the same day as Novak's article, shows the disinformation about the docs and how they entered the story.

"That this campaign was based largely on information known to be forged and that the campaign was used successfully to frighten our elected representatives in Congress into voting for war is clear from the bitter protestations of Rep. Henry Waxman and others. The politically aware recognize that the same information was used, also successfully, in the campaign leading up to the mid-term elections—a reality that breeds a cynicism highly corrosive to our political process.

The fact that the forgery also crept into your state-of-the-union address pales in significance in comparison with how it was used to deceive Congress into voting on October 11 to authorize you to make war on Iraq."

The fact is that this article, as others the VIPS published in this series of "memorandums" to the President", are chocked full of carefully crafted misinformation and outright fabrications, but the MSM has picked up on their assertions from the beginning of the story, and repeat them to this day.

You know the one thing about a lie is that you tell one, then you have to tell another, and others tell lies with you, but they can't seem to keep the story straight - it's a vicious circle indeed.

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