Able Danger - It was a Great Summer Story - 12

When we last head from Congressman Weldon he was on CSPAN kicking up the sand in the room and threatening to take the ABLE DANGER story to the Top!

Well, news cycles and all

....Plame Game/Libby Indictment/SCOTUS.....

Well, guess what? He's back!

First the meat from a press conference:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon inspector general is investigating the Defense Intelligence Agency's treatment of an Army colonel who was the first to claim publicly that the government knew about four September 11 hijackers long before the 2001 attacks, officials said on Wednesday.

Among the issues under review is whether the DIA revoked the security clearance of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer last September in retaliation for repeated comments he made in the media about a military intelligence team code-named Able Danger, sources familiar with the case said.

Revelations about Able Danger, a small data-mining operation that ended in 2000, have reignited debate about whether the United States could have prevented the attacks on New York and Washington that killed 3,000 people and prompted the U.S. war on terrorism.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said the inspector general began reviewing Shaffer's case after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld received a written request on October 20 from Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, Republican chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services.

Shaffer and his attorney met with officials from the inspector general's office on Wednesday.

Weldon also gave this interview to Lou Dobbs on CNN last night.

AJ Strata, has more on the story here, and does a good job of tying up the story.

Yet part of the problem is that Weldon has become the Rodney Dangerfield of Politics - "Can't get no repect". That's what happens when you carry around a pre-tend "Nuclear Football" with you. In any case how one wishes this to come out depends on politics for the most part with some wanting to pin the whole mess on the present administration, and others where it belongs and that is on the previous administration.

The sad part is that the Greater Story will be missed out on because in anycase "no one really wants to go there" now.

AJ brings to mind the "Chinese Connection" in all this, a subject near and dear to my heart and former occupation as a Russian/SINO expert in AI. Specifically with the Chinese/Clinton connection, for which I am more than familiar and will cover more in a later post.