Plame Game - Final Assault

After the Fitzmas "Fizz" I told you to look for greater activity of the those who ulimately hatched this half baked boondoggle. Actually they have been at work since the beginning. When it comes to sowing the seeds of disinformation, these people are masters.

If people knew how much of what they read in Newspapers and on TV are come from carefully crafted press releases and "newsfeeds" from groups like VIPS, MoveOn, and other leftist radical sources they might chuck their Cheerios.

But now we are seeing the all out craziness appear especially with this latest Wilson "Green Room" story. But I still find it amazing that the one people we don't see or hear from is Ms. Plame herself, and since she is definitely "unclassified" and "uncovert" now, what's stopping her from her "Exclusive with Diane Sawyers"? For one reason or another it appears that she "off the radar" while her "Out My Wife Please" husband is trotting all over the airwaves again.

Which get's me to thinking. Just how "real" was this marriage of Joe and Valerie? Think about how real Bill and Hillary are? Marriage of "Convience". Tin foil hat? Perhaps, but then think about.

First, other than the fact that they "met" in 1997 and married in 1998 where they both almost simultaneously registered business operations that in some way had to do with conducting similiar business in the same region. The kind of business that could easily "pimp cake". Second, after the Novak article, Joe writes his "book" and the both of them appear on Vanity Fair. Then after the SSCI exposes Wilson as a snake oil salesman, he and "Val" disappear and the only time you hear about her is through the media or through Wilson or "friends" like Larry C. Johnson or other VIPS characters.

I for one am looking forward to a Libby trial. Want to bet that Valerie Plame is one of the first called up?

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