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Plame Game - "Let's Play, 'Hide the Cake!'

As I posted before, there is no doubt that Wilson went in 1999 (under the guise of investigating a 1998 deal), to broker what I believe were ongoing sales of Uranium from Niger to other rogue nations including Iraq. Of course detractors note that since France controlled the mines, this would be impossible, but the findings of the Oil for Food Scandal are shedding a differing light on COGEMA.

In essence, what you had was a "cake" laundering operation, and the "washing machine" was the cache located at Al Tuwaitha. So long as the amount remained the same, no one would ever know. This is so simple (crooked cops do it with cocaine in the evidence room), etc.

Of course there would be one caveat and this is key and not surprising. The IAEA would have had to have "blinked" once in a while. Scandelous? Yes, but that the IAEA might not have been so suspect if frustratated by the Bush Administration killing the Golden Goose, they showed their hand in October of 2004 by leaking the story of missing munitions at Al-Qaqaa. Make no mistake, the move was to defeat Bush and thus, get the 'heat off" as a Kerry Administration would have canned any further scrutiny into the Oil for Food Scandal.

However, in all this, Wilson's company, JC Wilson International remains quite the mystery, although I have a someone who's job is to find "cloaked" companies, checking it out.

From just a little googling and my data minining application I found Wilson's company was headquartered out of the offices of an investment company, Rock Creek Corporation, which was run by Mohammed Alamoudi who helped him gain access to markets in Africa "for his business".

Alamoudi you might remember is the dirt bag who banks "with Al Qeada". Interestingly enough Alamoudi is also linked with Al Gore's '96 campaigns, and his company Occidental Petroleum, and as I've said Gore and Wilson go back a ways and through similiar venues.

Again, as the 'web unweaves', the connections and dots are beginning to connect.

From perusing the MSM on TV the last few nights, I sense that they are, at least some of them, are seeing through the "Matrix", and hopefully may start 'digging around'. They ought to, it's a hell of a story!

Be sure to check out AJ Strata who working other angles of the 1999 Wilson visit to Niger, echoing some of my findings as well. Excellent work!

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