Senate Votes to Cut Off ACORN Funding

About time!  Via Michelle Malkin.

"ACORN is a criminal enterprise.

5:42pm Eastern. Roll call vote still underway. Several Democrats have voted AYE, including Cardin, Carper, Inouye, Johnson (SD), Murray, Tester, Warner, Bingaman, Begich, Nelson (NE), Webb, Landrieu, Bayh, Conrad, Rockefeller, Dodd, Pryor, Hagan, Kohl, Feingold, Boxer, Nelson (FL), Brown, Harkin, Lincoln, Wyden, Baucus, Klobuchar, Kaufman, Shaheen, Lautenberg (switched from no to yes), Menendez, Stabenow, Leiberman, Levin, McCaskill, Reid, Feinstein, Udall, Bennet (CO) Merkley, Cantwell, Dorgan, Schumer…
Durbin was a no. I’ll have the rest soon.
The final roll call vote – amendment passes 83-7. I’ll post the full roll when it’s up on the Senate site.
This is the beginning, not the end.
The Dems are finally, finally on the defensive on ACORN.
Republicans, keep digging and pushing and connecting the dots."

As you know ACORN has been cheating in elections for years now without any sense of accountability.  Finally what we have called for - a defunding of tax payer dollars - is a reality.