Monday, September 14, 2009


Blogburst - Tomorrow Flood the Congressional Lines with Support for Joe Wilson

Democrats have decided to go after Joe.

"The House Dem leadership has decided that it must condemn Joe Wilson for his “you lie,” outburst, and is likely to decry his “conduct” and his “breach of decorum” as early as tomorrow, rather than censure him for “speech” and turn the standoff into a war over freedom of expression, a Dem leadership aide confirms.
“The issue at hand is one of conduct, not speech,” the aide emailed me when asked to describe internal thinking. “Congressman Wilson’s outburst during the joint session was a breach of decorum and brought discredit to the House.”
Wilson apologized to White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, but he’s ruled out an apology to the full House. The aide said failure to do that will result in action because the leadership has determined that the House is compelled to act.
“It is common for members to address such breaches themselves rather than force action by the full House,” the aide said. “Failure to respond would mean consent for that kind of conduct. In the absence of an apology, the House must act to admonish his behavior. These are the standards members are held to when they take the oath of office.”
The aide confirmed that the vote would take place tomorrow at the earliest."
Which is total unadulterated crap.  The Dems didn't give to flips when they booed and cat-called Bush during his addresses, nor when Harry Reid called him a "loser" or when Pelosi called him "a total failure".

So tomorrow let's have a good show of support for Joe Wilson.  Flood the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.    While you're at it, support Joe with a donation to his campaign.

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