Monday, September 14, 2009


CBS's 60 Minutes Slobbering Love Affair with Obama

Just in case you caught yet another free informercial for Barack Obama on 60 Minutes last night, save your time. It was the same softball, hand holding stuff we've seen repeatedly by C-BS throughout the political career of the wouldbe-king.

 Let's remember that during the period from 2003-2008, 60 Minutes ran a negative story on the Bush administration at least twice a month if not more. To this date not one on Obama.

 Not during anyone of the five scandals of personal appointment, or nefarious associations with radicals. Not one. Don't hold your breath for an expose' though. In fact according to this Pew Poll Press Accuracy is at an all time low meaning that even if CBS continues to give Obama the keys to the kingdom, no one is watching or believing.

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