Sunday, September 13, 2009


NFL Sunday Predictions!

New item here at Macsmind, but the Ranger is a long time prognosticator of pig-skin outcomes.  Here's my  predictions on today's games.

TEN @ PIT Thu 8:30PM Taking Pit

JAC @ IND Sun 1:00PM Taking Indy

DET @ NO Sun 1:00PM Taking Saints

DAL @ TB Sun 1:00PM Taking Dallas

PHI @ CAR Sun 1:00PM Taking Pitt

 KC @ BAL Sun 1:00PM Taking Baltimore

 NYJ @ HOU Sun 1:00PM Taking Houston

 MIA @ ATL Sun 1:00PM Taking Miami

 DEN @ CIN Sun 1:00PM Taking Denver

 MIN @ CLE Sun 1:00PM Taking Minnesota

 WAS @ NYG Sun 4:15PM Taking the Giants

 SF @ ARI Sun 4:15PM Taking the Cards.

 STL @ SEA Sun 4:15PM Taking Seattle.

 CHI @ GNB Sun 8:20PM Da Bears.

 BUF @ NE Mon 7:00PM Taking New England

 SD @ OAK Mon 10:15PM Taking San Diego

 There they are! Update after the games to see how the Ranger fared. Comment away with your takes!

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