Monday, September 14, 2009


Obama's Address to Congress on Healthcare a FLOP!

The numbers are in via ABC (We didn't say 2 Million) News.
"Our new ABC News/Washington Post poll out this morning shows that the President’s joint session speech may have stopped his summer slide, but it doesn’t appear to have been the “game-changer” Democrats were hoping for. Bottom line: right now, voters are almost exactly where they were before the speech. Big question: will praise of Obama's speech from moderate Dems (Ben Nelson called it a "game-changer" and President's meeting with 17 Blue Dogs had a positive vibe) begin to impact public, or will more poll results like this shake the confidence of the Congressional centrists Obama needs? Big question II: is dropping the public option the game-changer? Olympia Snowe says it’s the only way to get a bill through the Senate, and our poll shows a significant shift in support: from 46-48 to 50-42. Here are the key numbers: Split on Obama's handling of health care: 48-48 (46-50 August 17) Support Obama's health care reforms: 46-48 (45-50 August 17) President Obama's job approval is at 54 (57 August 17) Deficit: 65% think health care reform will make it worse Medicare: 56% of seniors think it will weaken Medicare
Incredible. No more than 50 percent support in any category of support, and this with another ridiculously Dem/Rep poll - 32/21 respectively. One thing. We need to see accurate polling after this weekend's 9/12 march in Washington. According to Fox the ratings for Beck's coverage were high considering it was the weekend, so it would be good to know if it had any affects on the hearts and minds of Americans either way.

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