Thursday, September 24, 2009


Let's Ramp up Investigation into all the Organizations of the Left

As expected John Podesta being appointed to look into ACORN's corruption is about as worthless as screen doors on a submarine. His Center for Communist  American Progress is all about blaming the right, when the problems with ACORN have originated and continue with the philosophy of the left.

But why stop with ACORN?  That Podesta, who ran Barack Obama's transition team, is in charge in looking into ACORN's (who Obama used to lawyer for) activities is outrageous if not an insult to the taxpayers of America.

Indeed the Center for American Progress has it's own shady past, being conceived through meetings between communist,  Morton Halperin and Nazi Sympathizer George Soros.  Halperin is also a senior advisor in Soro's Open Society Institute.   Here's a map of his associations:

From this organization came CAP's chief propaganda wing Media Matters.

A huge part of CAP's funding comes from the Democracy Alliance, a group of some 80 wealthy liberals who have pledged to contribute at least one million dollars or more to fund a network to go against what they call a conservative juggernaut .

Most of the donors prefer anonymity, but we prefer to have transparency, so it would be good to get a list of these donors.

Some of the DA members are:

Interesting enough that the SEIU appears in the list, as they have a huge stake in Obamacare.   The point is that when you begin to look at the connections you see that in one way or another they all land at Obama's doorstep and that is indeed where we intend to go.   But to get there we have to get there one corrupt organization at a time.

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