Friday, September 04, 2009


GOP to Party Like it's 1994?

Can you feel it? Well you should.  Down but not out, the signs are pointing towards a romp in November of 2010.
"The latest Rasmussen Reportsnational telephone survey shows that 43% would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate while 36% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent. That represents the lowest level of support for Democrats in recent years, while Republicans have tied their highest level of support for the third straight week. The previous low for Democrats over the past year was 37%. This summer, support for Republican candidates ranged from 41% to 43%, support for Democrats ranged from 37% to 39%. Looking back one year ago, support was strikingly different for the parties. Throughout the summer of 2008, support for Democratic congressional candidates ranged from 45% to 48%. Republican support ranged from 34% to 37%. This is now the tenth straight week GOP candidates have held the advantage. However, Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, notes that it’s too early for Republicans to be celebrating. “These numbers certainly represent weakness for the Democrats, but it’s important to remember that the mid-term elections are 14 months away. That’s plenty of time for the President’s party to do some damage control and pick up the pieces from what has been a tough month of August.”
Perhaps. But we've seen nothing to indicate that since Democrats took over in 2006. Quite the contrary we've seen a party on self-destruct. I doubt they get this together in time to "change the tide", as Americans by wide margins believe the current congress to be too liberal which conflicts with their by in large conservative beliefs. But I agree it's not time to celebrate just yet. In another poll Rasmussen shows that eventy-four percent (74%) of Republican voters say their party’s representatives in Congress have lost touch with GOP voters nationwide over the past several years. Which should be a warning that if the GOP wants to get back in power they had better return to core conservative values. Then and only then will the celebration begin.

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Not to put too sharp a point on it--the GOP needs to start (read: is overdue in starting) putting up candidates that are different from what the Democrats put up.

I am not going to spend the gas (assuming I can get it) to drive 24 miles to vote for another Sen. Nota S. Badas (R-BigGoobermint).

Hasn't worked yet, and I do strongly believe that a key clue to insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting the outcome to be different next time.

At 70, overweight and all--I probably won't be allowed to live that long anyway.

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