Sunday, September 20, 2009


Rick Sanchez - America's Doof

You know I'm not going to standby and let a doof like Rick Sanchez slander me beloved Fox News.  It's time to meet the real Rick Sanchez.

Back in 1992, in the wake of Hurricane Andrew as a 911 Dispatcher working in Homestead Florida, we witnessed first hand the hackery of Rick Sanchez.   Running out into the rain to act as though he were "roughing it", only to run back to his trailer when the lights were off.    The original media male Diva, he predates Perez Hilton.

I could go on, and I just might.  As I said before we know how this coward left a man to die after running over him while drunk.  His career should have been over then, but friends in high places bailed him out.  But that was 19 years ago, but there is much more to share.   This video parody speaks loads about just what kind of reporter Sanchez is.

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