Monday, September 14, 2009


Don't Believe the "Glenn Beck is Losing Sponsors" Garbage

Color of Change, the socialist gadfly founded by Van Jones is crowing about how many sponsors have left the Glenn Beck show.
"Our campaign to hold Glenn Beck accountable for his race-baiting and fear-mongering has been a great success, with 62 advertisers making it clear that they don't want their brands linked to Beck's vile rhetoric. Up until now, however, there's been a question of what the real consequences are for Beck and for Fox, especially as Beck's ratings have soared. It's starting to become clear. Today, we're announcing that Glenn Beck's show has lost over 50% of its advertising dollars since just before our campaign started."
Which is simply not so. Speaking with two Fox News Producers familiar, Beck's show is "sponsor proof" in that the revenue to run it - and pay Beck - comes from sources outside of ads.

 It's a well known flak jacket against these types of "boycotts" where you take from Peter to Pay Paul.

James Rucker tries to throw up some bogus data to prove COC's boycott is working, but he's talking nonsense. Quite frankly the ad sponsors COC (nice nomen) speaks about are far more savvy than than that. Of course they want viewers because viewers equal $$$$. So let's say that American Express says "Ok, we won't show ads during his show".

 No problem. You just jack their ad price across other shows where they do show ads.  In fact Beck's ratings have so enhanced Fox's overall viewership that their rate cards have nearly doubled for all other shows.

Which is why shows, like Beck's,  which pull most viewers Cable News Shows especially are pretty much immune to boycotts because much of their cost is absorbed by CATV revenues outside of ad revenue.

Thus the Glenn Beck show could very well run commercial free and it wouldn't harm the show, the ratings or Fox's bottom line.

By the way, I got an affirmative response from the IRS about my written query into COC operations, specifically how they deal with their donations, which means that they may be looking into how and where they are funneling their money.

Get ready for that to break over the next couple of weeks.

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