Saturday, September 12, 2009


9/12 Tea Party - Rocking the HOUSE! ***UPDATES!

Today's the day! Thanks to Glenn Beck and other conservative talkers the turn out in Washington for the 9/12 Tea Party Protest is expected to be HUGH - a million or more. Dems are nervous, per Katherine Ham:

Tomorrow, the 9/12 protest will take place in Washington, D.C. An offshoot of the Tax Day Tea Party movement, and hyped by Glenn Beck and conservative activist groups, the turn out promises to be healthy. But Democratic leadership is even more sanguine about the possibilities than organizers:
A top House Dem leadership aide has emailed a memo to Dem aides on the Hill and outside liberal groups warning they should brace for a turnout of up to two million people, suggesting Dems worry that if enough conservatives descend on the Mall it will amount to a major PR victory for the right.
The aide, Doug Thornell, warned in the memo that the dust-up over Joe “you lie” Wilson has been invigorating conservatives. “It looks like Saturday’s event is going to be a huge gathering, estimates ranging from hundreds of thousands to 2 million people,” Thornell wrote in the memo, which was forwarded by a source.
Two million tea partiers, huh? I'm sure Nancy Pelosi can imagine nothing more frightening, but the estimate sounds a bit, shall we say, fishy. Greg Sargent goes on to note the possible meaning of this Democratic optimism:
The House leadership memo predicting huge turnout could have been written in hopes that it would leak and inflate expectations for turnout, anticipating that it will fall far short.

Don't bet on that.   I'm going to be covering it from the MacRanger Show at 12pm, and others will be sure to be reporting the turnout.  No matter if it's 1 or 2 million the point is that our voice will be heard.

Glenn Beck will be covering the event on Fox News from 1pm until 3pm EST.

If you're in the metro DC area or surrounding parts come on down!   If not look up what is happening in your area today .

UPDATE:  My Niece is on the scene in DC, send this photo via Facebook, hopefully more to come!

Here a CNN Reporter Gets Drowned Out!

More from MSNBC showing arials which reflect the huge crowds.

More updates with Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE:  Just to show you how the MSM websites are Demonizing us, check out MSNBC's front page.

"Anti-Spending Protester"?  You mean that there are "Let's Spend Until We Die" Protesters too?
Here's CNN.  "Activists"!

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Sorry, the 1-2 million number is made up. It was more like 60-70,000.

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