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Sour Grapes: Media get's Called Out on Lack of 9/12 Cover and Jake Tapper Cries Foul


"Jake Tapper, on Twitter this morning, took issue with a Fox News ad in today’s Washington Post, that he says is “asserting that every other channel ‘missed’ the story of the 912 march. Demonstrably untrue.”

He pointed out that Yunji de Nies, his ABC colleague at the White House, covered last weekend’s protest.
But even that wasn't enough for some, and after a back and forth on Twitter,  Tapper wrote that it was his “last tweet defending a fact.”

“To the non-reality based community, have a great day and nice weekend,” he wrote."

The only "non-reality based" person is is Jake Tapper.    Fact is that  had this been a war protest, or some other lefty gathering you would have given it wall to wall coverage.  Covering isn't sending an assistant - an intern - to cover an event for five minutes, it's front page and that's what this event deserved.  Again, when Bush was president and there were protest ABC threw out the stops.

Fact is Jake, that when checking the channels last Saturday we found only Fox - Glenn Beck - to be providing full coverage, but MSNBC and CNN had nothing on but Obama's healthcare speech.

That's the facts Jake, have a nice weekend.

UPDATE:  Media Bristol, referenced in the link above, now comes to the defense of the network in saying they were there.   Again, reporting that a volcano erupted is one thing, being there on the scene with a blow by blow is something else.

The media might have talked about 9/12, but their heart wasn't in it.    Point of fact it wasn't the ACORN story or the Van Jones story or any other negative story about Barack Obama the entire year.

You know the old adage, when you hit a nerve the culprit yelps.  


Keith said…
ABC doesn't have a clue that they are doing. There coverage was awful to almost nothing on an event that was one of the most IMPORTANT events of the entire year, and maybe the next 100. They just don't have a clue what is going on across America. the All Barack Channel, ABC, did the entire nation a horrible disservice. I know, I was in D.C. and never have I been more outraged by what I saw in the coverage by the Press. They did more to open ALL that was there's eyes and this will turn a large part of the nation against them because I am represented in my little town by 100 to 1. There were 100 people gathered watching for every 1 of us in D.C. We are spreading the word that if they lie to us when we see with our own eyes, what the Hel# are they lying to us about that we don't see? Isn't there any truth coming out of D.C.? One thing is for sure, we are seeing the death of the Press in this nation - the old press. It is just to corrupt now and has cast its lot with the Progressives. More conservative press, which will be very successful will rise up on the internet where we can get the truth - something that has already died in the backrooms of the producers of the big networks and editorial rooms of the old tree killing press operations. Good riddance!

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