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Bill Sparkman was a Republican

Not that it would matter to the jump-to-anything-bad-that-happens-is-a-rightwing-conspiracy, but it's a fact. Clay County is solid Republican, via Wiki:
The county has been solidly Republican for decades. In the last 16 years the only Republican to receive less than 60% was Bob Dole, who still won the county by nearly 25%. In 2008 John McCain received 77.5% of the vote.
But another fact is that he wasn't killed because he was a census worker.

  The hanging of Bill Sparkman according to two sources within the KBI,  Sparkman stumbled onto a meth lab and was killed because "that's what they do with you when you're in the wrong place.

 Big Creek, where Sparkman was killed, is on the Kentucky State Police's list for meth labs, and in fact the address of the lab, 5693 S. Hwy 66 in Big Creek, isn't far from where he was found.

 In fact Clay County is infested with with an abundance of meth labs and marijuana fields, and it's amazing that the Census Bureau would not have warned Sparkman of the dangers of the area.

 We'll know once the investigation is complete, but right now it appears that Spearman was killed by drug dealers. If anyone has questions to answer, it should be why the Census Bureau sends it's workers into such areas without warning.


Neil' said…
Interesting, but the NYT article does not mention any FBI sources about that, just quoting some agents who say such things do happen around there, etc. Here's their relevant quote:

Although anti-government sentiment was one possibility in the death, some in law enforcement also cited the prevalence of drug activity in the area -- including meth labs and marijuana fields -- although they had no reason to believe there was a link to Sparkman's death.

''Now they're taking their meth lab operations into the rural, secluded areas,'' the sheriff said. ''We've had complaints in the area, but not that particular location.''

That doesn't equate to what you said about sources. You shouldn't write as if sources said something, unless you have the goods. Do you?
jfransondto said…
Why is the mention that "Bill Sparkman was a Republican" relevant? Is that supposed to preclude this being an ideologically-driven murder? Do you suppose any anti-government fanatic would ask, hey, what is your party registration? They probably just assumed he was a Democrat because he's working for the federal government under Obama. And maybe it wouldn't have mattered anyway, maybe they hate all Feds regardless of party affiliation.
Kathy said…
Plus, Mac doesn't have a clue whether he's a Republican. He says Clay County is solidly Republican -- that apparently means that Bill Starkman must have been a Republican.

MacRanger said…

The KBI has jurisdiction over the case unless it's determined to be a federal case - hate crime, etc. That is not the case. Right now they believe it to be as stated.
MacRanger said…

It is relevant as those who have taken the story to automatically mean that "anti-government" feelings led to Sparkman's death.

It may be, but again in the previous comment that's not the angle the investigation is taking.
MacRanger said…

Sorry, wrong, have a clue, it was easy to establish. The AP has the information as well, didn't publish it. All it took was a phone call and a search of Clay County records.

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