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Screw You Carter

Somehow being called a "racist" by an anti-semetic old fart doesn't really bother me. Carter has long since lost relativity anything remotely American and indeed it would be better if he fell off a cliff, got run over by a rabbit or something.

 What's even more telling is that the mainstream media let's him get away with it. But this stuff about being racist if you think Obama's wrong is simple nonsense and indeed it's racist on it's own merits. If Condi Rice were President Carter would be reverting to his ancient Southern ancestry and telling us she'd be better on the farm harvesting peanuts. 

He was a disgrace 35 years ago, he continues to be so.

 But he is simply repeating the new "mantra" from the left. Of course the charge of "racism" bilge-water and is especially insulting to the American people, but more than that it's another example of just how bad liberals have taken their identity politics.

 Liberals will get in a huff if you call them anti-semetic when they oppose Israel, saying that they can be for Israel but against their policies. That would be true if it that simple. But most of the left is by way of doctrine decidedly anti-semetic in more than just the disagreement about their way of handling their security.

 Yet to say that one is racist because one opposes bad ideas isn't an equal, especially when you refer it to a large segment of the American population.

 Remember it wasn't conservatives who made Obama's race an issue, it was the liberal media. From Time asking if he was "Black Enough", to the LA Times calling him the "Magic Negro", you never heard one peep from any conservative news source referencing Obama's race, merely his qualifications. In fact during the presidential campaign it became increasingly clear from liberals that the only good reason to vote for Obama was because he was black.

 For instance last year over at Salon, lefty Gary Kamiya profoundly stated that it was the big reason he was going to vote for Obama. "I admit it: I'm voting for Barack Obama because he's black. Yes, I'm voting for him because he's qualified, intelligent, charismatic and competent -- and because unlike Hillary Clinton, he opposed the Iraq war from the beginning. But if he weren't black, and Hillary had opposed the war, I'd probably vote for her because of her greater experience. In any case, it's a moot point, because if Obama weren't black, he would not be the Democratic front-runner. I believe that most of Obama's supporters are voting for him for the same reason. Like me, they're drawn to his idealism, his youthful energy, his progressive politics. But it's his blackness that seals the deal. And that's OK. In fact, it's wonderful."

Another lefty Greg Palast echoed the same theme.
"So, I'm going to do something that Dr. Bruce would think little of. I'm going to vote for the Black man. Because he's Black. The truth is, I'm wary of Barack Obama. His cozy relations with the sub-prime loan sharks who funded his early campaign; his vote, at the behest of his big donor ADM corporation, for the horrific Bush energy bill. But there's one thing that overshadows policy positions, one thing he cannot change once in office: the color of his skin. The same as Mr. Bruce's. I'm going to say something that I know the Obama campaign will just hate; but that many others are feeling but won't say out loud. We must vote for Barack Obama because he's Black. For four centuries, our nation has poisoned itself with the corrosive venom of racism. From the slave trade, to our still-segregated schools, to the Bush family stealing the White House by cynically, and sinfully, calling Florida Black voters felons; to the exile of a brilliant science teacher four decades ago. The time has come to cleanse the wound that will not heal."
Heck even Joe Biden said it was really the only logical solution.
"Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, campaigning in North Carolina where black votes could help swing the state to the Democrats, said today that electing a black person to the White House would be transformative. Biden said the policies of running mate Barack Obama make his presidency even more urgent and declared this to be the most important election that any living person has seen in their lifetime. But he particularly singled out the meaning of electing someone who is black. “That will be a transformative event in American politics and internationally,” Biden said. “That all by itself will be significant.”
Billy Joel sang, "We Didn't Start the Fire", and it's true in this case of we who oppose Barack Obama's policies. Lefties made Obama's race a factor of qualification telling us to vote for the guy simply because he was black. But now when he's failing, not because he's black, but because he's in over his head, they want it both ways - forgive him and shut up because he's black. There is a racism him, but it's not coming from our side.


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