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Where is Van Jones' Background Check?

Not only is Van Jones a liar, who said he didn't say what is absolutely what he did say when it came to being a 9/11 "troofer". Not only is he a communist. But he may be other things as well. We'd know if he had a background check done on him, but we are told that they are not done on Obama's Czars, which I find ..interesting. For one anyone working in the government knows that anyone with access to the president and priviledged communication needs to have a security clearance. Since Czars have access to the president and power over Government entities, it would seem that they are no exception to the rule. Moreover such background checks are public information in accordance with the FOIA. The reason they don't do these backgrounds is obvious, especially in the case of Jones, given all the things he's been doing with this life. But you would think just a rudimentary check of the internet would have been enough to forego any appointment of Jones, which leaves us to believe that perhaps Barack Obama doesn't give two flips what the American people think. That's funny considering the Obama Administration posted a 63 page questionnaire last year, it's here.'' Remember these gems?
"10) Writings: Please list and, if readily available, provide a copy of each book, article, column or publication (including but not limited to any post or comments on blogs or other websites) you have authored, individually or with others. Please list all aliases or "handles" you have used to communicate on the Internet. (14) Diaries: If you keep or have ever kept a diary that contains anything that could suggest a conflict of interest or be a possible source of embarrassment to you, your family, or the President-Elect if it were made public, please describe. (16) Please list each membership, including any board memberships, you or your spouse have or have had with any political, civic, social, charitable, educational, professional, fraternal, benevolent or religious organization, private club or other membership organization (including any type of tax-exempt organization) during the past ten years. Please include dates of membership and any positions you may have had with the organization. (61) Have you had any association with any person, group or business venture that could be used - even unfairly - to impugn or attack your character and qualifications for government service? (63) Please provide any other information, including information about other members of your family, that could suggest a conflict of interest or be a possible source of embarrassment to you, your family, or the President-Elect."
So obviously Mr. Jones never filled this questionnaire out, or if he did, Obama didn't read it. Nevertheless, if no background check was done and it's the administration's stance that they don't need it for Jones, I'm hear to tell them they are wrong.


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