Bang of a Summer - Get your shades on!

I hate to say it,,....I love to say it....

I told you so!

Jack Kelly writing in Real Clear Politics today nods in agreement:

"Investigations into the NSA and "secret prisons" leaks are nearing completion. A senior CIA official has been fired for leaking, and, reportedly, is singing like a canary to avoid prosecution. The FBI knows who's been talking to journalists, ABC's Brian Ross said a source told him.

Journalists can be prosecuted for publishing classified information, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez said on ABC's "This Week" program Sunday.

I doubt journalists will be charged under the Espionage Act, but I do expect vigorous application of the precedent Mr. Fitzgerald set when he jailed Ms. Miller. Reporters who have published or broadcast classified information can expect subpoenas, and can expect to cool their heels in the pokey until they disclose who leaked to them."

Indeed several investigations (Rocky and friends) are in fact nearing completion, which explains the near blackout of comments from all the usual suspects.

The salvos which will be fired over the Summer will provide the Country with the true assessment of what some members of the MSM, the Democratic Party and members of Congress were up to - and yes, you can expect quite the push back as well.

Hope you've got your shades on! It's going to get bright!

UPDATE: Powerlineblog examines the case against leaking journalists.