Thursday, May 18, 2006


NSA - Make no mistake, the cleanup at the CIA will continue

I told you herethat Goss hit lead off, and Hayden is coming to hit cleanup.

Per NRO editiors:

"Confirmation hearings begin today for Gen. Michael Hayden, nominated by President Bush to succeed Porter Goss as director of Central Intelligence. The hearings promise to be contentious. Hayden’s military background is, in some liberal minds, sufficient reason for leeriness; and questions will surely be asked about the National Security Agency’s collection of domestic phone records, a program Hayden inaugurated when he was head of the NSA. But that program is both constitutional and necessary, and speaks to Hayden’s credit. He should be quickly confirmed, and allowed to continue Goss’s efforts to bring under control a CIA that sees undermining the president as its mission."

The confirmation hearings have begun and Hayden has come out swinging. Expect a barage of leaks to appear in the next week. The rats at the agency, and within the bowels of Government and media know that they have to derail this nomination or else the gig is up.

Play ball!

More at Hotair

Heh...Note here that Senator Rockefeller is out sick with a backache. Yeah, backache.

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