Thursday, May 25, 2006


Immigration - The Crawford Kid - II

The Senate version of the Immigration bill passed today:

"WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday approved a far-reaching immigration bill that includes a controversial program that would allow millions of illegal immigrants already living and working in the United States a new chance at legal residency and a portion of them a chance a citizenship. It also provides heightened border security measures.

But the Senate bill, which passed 62-36, differs greatly from a House measure passed last December, meaning the legislative outcome remains unclear after months of debate and a number of false starts. Before President Bush can sign any reforms into law, the House and the Senate will have to negotiate an agreement on the two versions of the bill."

Again, it's a start. There is a long way to go. This bill will have a lot of work done on it before the House approves it and when it's all said and done Bush will have pulled a trifecta with everyone except the hard right. The fact is that this is 1986 with meat on it, no matter how much the "Secure Borders/Bus the illegals back home", crowd spins it.

The fact is that the Bill DOES address border security. Ok, so it doesn't have Apache Helecopters flying about with tanks blazing or a Great Wall of Mexico. But the beginnings are there and yes I would like it beefier too - but it's a start.

Don't forget that - it's a START - not the DESTINATION. This stupid assed rhetoric about "screw Bush" and "staying home on election" day is just that - stupid. Once again, not every Conservative that voted for Bush sees this issue as others do, such as Michelle Malkin and Bill O'Reilly. We can agree to disagree. But I'll be damned if I give up the House or Senate or both to the Democrats over it.

Better to light that candle than to curse the darkness.

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Blog also makes my point:

"Senator Rick Santorum, facing a tough re-election battle in Pennsylvania, pens a piece about immigration for National Review.

..."However, if one were to imagine the worst possible way to reform our immigration system, it would probably look a lot like the immigration bill the U.S. Senate is currently considering—a broad amnesty program for most illegal immigrants, increased financial burdens on honest tax-paying American citizens, and incentives for illegal immigrants to raid the Social Security system and lie about their work history...."

Santorum has regrettably followed many other conservatives into a posture normally reserved for liberals - decrying what is proposed using apocalyptic rhetoric, but offering absolutely no alternative - try and find a proposal in Senator Santorum’s piece beyond not voting for the bill.

There are 12 million illegal immigrants here. We could round them up and deport them, or we could act like adults and accept that that is not going to happen.

We can either make a responsible effort to identify, assimilate and legitimize them, while simultaneously getting a lot more aggressive with border enforcement, or we can hold our hands over our eyes and pretend they don’t exist.

I repeat: We will not be rounding up 12 million people and deporting them.

Again, this is the time not to peck and pick on the Party leadership just because they're not dancing to your song, but to at least wait it out to see just how foolish the Crawford Kid is going to make this bickering look down the road.

However, for those who need to vent, here is who voted "Yea" and "Nay". Go ahead write your nasty grams.

UPDATE: Polpundit, rants - still alone. Again, you want to "spank the monkey" and "embrace the Queen", be my guest. Note that Polipundit - who fired his staff basically over the "R" word, resorts to the same type of language.

Still I wonder, why is all this wrath so absent when it comes to the world's longest 'undefended border', namely Canada? Is this really just about "Mexicans"?

Just a thought for discussion.

Additionally for clarification in the discussion, and because the "you calling me a racist???" emails are getting lame and annoying and deleted: For those who flip out everytime the "R" word is used in this discussion, I would suggest a simple visit to this Den of Crappola website for some education about where people might just be gettting that idea.

Again, that belief systemDOES exist among some people and IS therefore very much a part of the debate. NO it doesn't mean that you are a "Skinner" if you want to secure the borders (in actuality we all do - we simply differ on the priority and intensity - but some may not realize - in the passion of the moment how much their dialog is similar to "some" of what you hear and see from others. Again, simply an interjection for thought.

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