Saturday, May 27, 2006


The Coming Storm - Rep. William Jefferson - IV - Get Ur Helmet on

Just checking in. Memorial weekend and like a lot of Vets, I'm taking it easy to remember those who didn't come back and without their sacrifice I wouldn't be able to freely blog and speak. Thanks from one grateful Army Dog.

Just briefly, I was Glad to see Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit link to this post on Rep. William Jefferson, and as far as Gonzales threatening to retire, I haven't be able to confirm that threat took place, but I will tell you that the DOJ and FBI have drawn a line in the sand - as per a close source.

POINT: If the the White House would so order the documents returned, the word I have is that yes, there would be a firestorm of sorts.


There is MUCH MORE to this than just Jefferson's involvement.

Put it this way: This is the LAST thing those involved in the "plan" thought would happen. Jefferson screwed up everything by drawing attention to himself after Katrina by commandeering National Guard resources to "clear his house" of evidence that points to the more than just the subject himself. It will interesting to see if to save himself Jefferson turns on his comrades.

The President made the right move sealing the docs for 45 days, and this seems to cool Speaker Hastert's weird defense of the search. But make no mistake much more evidence is coming up every day and pointing to a lot more than just another corrupt Louisiana politician. A HELL of a lot more.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Probe widens, and here is where the crap really hits the fan. Watch when Atiku Abubakar is 'squeezed' for his wife's pending trouble , how much info he gives up.

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