Crying to the Choir

Imagine this. Lefty blogs like this one are in an uproar over this quip from ABC News Blog, "The Note":

"As is always the case with the out-of-power party, Democrats have to root root root for bad news. And no bad news source is better for the Democrats' election prospects than the bad news from Iraq. President Bush and Karl Rove have both played public political pundit in the last few weeks to ostentatiously (and not accidentally) make that point."

Now as is usual with lefties they take two verses out of context and make a false pretext. It's the George Soros funded Media Matter's template.

Except that they are getting mad only because ----it's true.

One would have to only do a little research over the last few years that showed that everytime a something bad happened in Iraq or in the War on Terror, some nutbag like Schumer or Pelosi or Reid ran to the mike to use it as an opportunity to make political points.

Truth is a bitch ain't it? After all it was Jay Rockefeller's plan? To accentuate the negative?