Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Bang of a Summer - III

If anyone has any doubts, Kerry's doubts about Hayden's nomination should prove he is the right man.

Make no misktake the battle over Hayden is going to be over the LEGAL program of NSA wiretapping. Which is why dolts like this are afraid of Hayden's nomination because they know that they are wrong - and more importantly the majority of the American people approve of the program.

This is brillant strategery on the part of the Administration. What better than a full and controlled airing out of the NSA program just before those midterm election. I guarantee you that NO democrat is going to push the "Illegal wiretapping" crap any farther than a burp. Democrats lack the core necessary to distance from the majority of voters on this issue, (or any issue) and risk having their true nature as "soft on terror" solidified in the minds of voters.

UPDATE: Something Democrats forget. Their 'god' FDR's take on domestic surveillance. Hmmm....

Oh yeah!

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