Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Newsweak and into Tea Leafs

You know it's bad for the MSM when they join the Psychic Network:

As the presidential adviser’s legal situation remains uncertain, Beltway pundits seek clues about his state of mind—and body.

Heh....some notable quotes:

"Privately, Rove’s friends and colleagues tell NEWSWEEK that the senior Bush aide has struggled to maintain an upbeat front about his legal status in recent weeks and that he has appeared distracted. One senior Republican congressional aide who works closely with the White House says after his recent testimony, Rove urged his staff to stay positive and remain focused on their job of selling the president’s agenda without regard to the on-going leak investigation."

"Privitely" - Newsweak is full of crap. I've got news for you, the LAST place friends and colleagues of Rove are going to dump on is Newsweak. The only source for this crap is desire and a hack leftwing writer.

But this last quote is classic Looney Tunes:

"Meanwhile, others have noted changes in Rove’s appearance. Over the last year, the senior Bush aide has dramatically slimmed down, losing an estimated 50 pounds. While some have speculated that stress could be the cause, Rove told a National Journal reporter last month that he’s been dieting and working out with Bolten at the White House gym."

Suffering Succotash!

Any questions why the MSM is tanking in popularity. This is absolutely hilarious.

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