Friday, May 12, 2006


Haggling Hagel...

I've had it up to HERE with the wimpy RINO's who consistently undermine our National Security. I knew it was a matter of time before Senator Hagel stepped to the mike.

Seems he's the latest of the RINOS to have "questions"about a program he had been briefed about previously.

"“Why did they do it?,” he asked in a series of quick rhetorical questions to reporters. “Who did it? What’s the end product? What are the consequences? What could happen? Who controls it? Who sees this information? Explain to us how this in fact helps fight terrorism?"

You hearing this people of Nebraska? Your Senator is CLUELESS about fighting terrorism and a FIBBER of the facts.

Since he is out of touch with 69% of the American people, how about letting him know about just how clueless he is?

Here you go

UPDATE: Hagel is being just a little bit disingenuous. Like I said before, this program isn't new. The 9/11 NSA/Telecom agreement, is actually based on a act S. 2375 (CALEA) which was passed by the Democrat House and Senate in 1994 (Clinton administration). Which Hagel voted YEA.

More on the Law which incidently, Senator Leahy, Senator Kennedy, Senator Levin and other critics voted YEA back in 1994.

Hypocrites playing with our National Security just for political opportunity.

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