Thursday, May 25, 2006


Bush and the "A" word

It's been like forever that the MSM has pestered President Bush to Admit that he made the mistakes THEY know he made. After all they should know about mistakes (Katrina coverage anyone?).

Well tonight in his joint press conference Bush along with Tony Blair gave it to them.

Well sort of....

Bush and Blair Acknowledge Iraq 'Setbacks'

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair acknowledged difficult times in the Iraq war they launched together in 2003, but both vowed to keep troops there until the new Iraqi government takes control.

"Despite setbacks and missteps, I strongly believe we did and are doing the right thing," Bush said Thursday evening in a White House news conference with Blair. "Not everything has turned out the way we hoped."

Watching Harball's Chris Matthew's response (video link when available) was enough to make me spit my salad across the room. Called Bush's 'admission' "Lincoln like" or some crap like that.


More as needed. But the President hit a home run as far as I'm concerned. Should get a boost in the polls.

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