Thursday, May 25, 2006


CIA - MSM - More Pooping on Porter

Mark Hosenball ought to find new sources because in joining the chorus of media writers protraying Porter Goss as a out of control malcontent, he really did a sloppy job (what else is new for Newsweak) on this article.

First the background, Hosenball writes:

"May 24, 2006 - As controversial CIA Director Porter Goss exits the agency, NEWSWEEK has discovered new details about a purge of top agency operatives shortly after Goss's arrival in 2004. A bitter secret feud over a Clinton-era counterintelligence case was apparently a major motivation behind the loss of those seasoned intelligence veterans, sources say. Gen. Michael Hayden, President Bush's nominee to replace Goss as CIA chief, has signaled that when he is confirmed by the Senate, probably later this week, he intends to appoint one of the principal victims of the feud, former CIA operations chief Stephen Kappes, as deputy CIA director—a move that is regarded inside the intelligence world as a final insult to Goss and his inner circle.

The secret feud revolves around how CIA management, led by former director George Tenet, handled a 1999 counterintelligence problem that arose as a result of the Clinton administration's bombing of Belgrade to oust Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic. Though the counterintelligence investigation ended years ago, egos and reputations were so deeply bruised that participants on both sides of the dispute (who spoke to NEWSWEEK anonymously because the matter is still considered sensitive) still fume when discussing the case. The CIA declined to comment on the matter."

Note the leak that led to this story, ......more "anonymous" sources. Obviously the agency still has a few weasels lying around and the disinformation campaign is still in force, howbeit from "stall 3". Nevertheless the gist of this story is to again portray a picture that Goss was executing vendettas - thus picking on poor dedicated and patriotic spooks, and "good riddance" that the wicked witch is dead.

The fact is that he smelled a rat in reference to the fact that non of the documents left at the station in Belgrade had been compromised, and he had good reason for that. Notice that there is no indication that Goss had "the bone" for Kappes beforehand, therefore no background for such animosity. Further notice that Hosenball doesn't go into whether or not Goss's concerns were valid - which by the way if the case is still "sensitive", that usually means someone is still keeping a lid on what really happened.

Makes you wonder eh?

Of course missing "conveniently" from this article was the Clinton administration's 'oops' bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade on May 7th, 1999, from which Tenet called bungled and fired many of the agency ops connected with it. This incident was in the belief of some and of yours truly designed to destroy evidence in the China Gate scandal.

So what does one have to do with the other? The point is that at the time Clinton was using the CIA as his private police force, and agency ops "sympathetic to Clinton's woes, assisted him as necessary. Porter wasn't the only one at the time who was suspicious of the agency's designs.

Of course this detracted them from their supposed mission of protecting the country, as we would find out by 9/11 is from preventing the attack.

The effort to protect the Clinton 'legacy", is still strong as ever, and you can almost read every story written by the MSM through that prism.

Saying all that I reinterate that Kappes is coming back but has been read the riot act as to Negroponte's position on leaks. Negroponte will continue the sweep - Kappes or not Kappes, MSM revisionism or not.

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