Saturday, May 13, 2006


NSA - Lying Rage

After telling you yesterday that all this stuff about NSA phone number farming is OLD news and in fact TWELEVE Years old, and the fact that Mr. Hagel is full of crap when he feigns ignorance and outrage (He can forget the Presidential race in 2008 - he's already anathema to the Right).

But a fact of that previous post needs repeating over and over again because it's the only way the truth will get told.

Democrats that are complaining about NSA phone number farming have no one to bitch to but themselves.

Now some of the media are bringing it out.

I picked up on this article in the New York Sun that shows again if anyone is angry at the Government, they need to get angry at the right group.

"No sooner had the man who ran the National Security Agency for years been nominated to head the CIA than USA Today rushed out details of our efforts to use technical means to find terrorists using the phones. And no sooner had USA Today disclosed details of an apparent attempt by the National Security Agency to defend Americans from terrorists than the Democratic Party and its leading politicians and interest groups went on the attack. Not against the terrorists but against President Bush. "This is another example of the Bush Administration misleading the American people," said a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee, Stacie Paxton.

Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts called the program "abusive" and said "Today's shocking disclosures make it more important than ever for the Republican Congress to end its complicity in the White House cover up of its massive domestic surveillance program. When three major telephone companies are supplying the administration with records of all Americans regardless of any hint of wrongdoing, Congress can't look the other way." Rep. Harold Ford Jr., a Democrat of Tennessee, went on Fox News Channel to call the news "disturbing." Senator Clinton pronounced herself "deeply disturbed."

Mrs. Clinton might want to have a talk with her husband. It was President Clinton who signed into law the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1994, after it was passed in both the House and Senate by a voice vote. That law is an act "to make clear a telecommunications carrier's duty to cooperate in the interception of communications for law enforcement purposes, and for other purposes." The act made clear that a court order isn't the only lawful way of obtaining call information, saying, "A telecommunications carrier shall ensure that any interception of communications or access to call-identifying information effected within its switching premises can be activated only in accordance with a court order or other lawful authorization."

The law that President Clinton signed into law and that was approved by voice votes in 1994 by a Democrat-majority House and a Democrat-majority Senate not only made clear the phone companies' "duty" to cooperate, it authorized $500 million in taxpayer funds to reimburse the phone companies for equipment "enabling the government, pursuant to a court order or other lawful authorization, to access call-identifying information that is reasonably available to the carrier." Again, the law, by referring to "other lawful authorization," states clearly that a court order isn't the only form of lawful authorization possible."

I've yet to see the AP or Reuters - reputed 'news outlets' actually report the FACTS instead of trying to invent a controversy that was no controversy TWELVE years ago. Of course el-savior was President then and in fact most of the current controversy (warrentless wiretaps and searches) originated under HIS administration.

The difference of course is Bill's was used to keep track of his enemies, and today it's used to keep us safe. That is a immutable fact and cannot be argued.

But don't look for facts from the MSM, because they are NOT a friend of the people, but only exist to manufacture the stories that fuel the fantasies that keep their fanatical readership on the left 'happy'.

Over and over again each MSM media outlet has reported that this program was Bush's program, created AFTER September 11th, which is not only patently false but blantenly dishonest. The fact is that they KNOW the truth, but refuse to PRINT the truth - thus - get ready America - they are not TELLING you the truth.

In fact because of their BDS they are incapable of doing so.

UPDATE: Check out Michelle Malkin's new Hotair video on the NSA's history.

UPDATE II: Newsweak won't accept the WAPO poll that shows a clear favor of the NSA program, so they rearrange the questions to get - for them - a more favorable result - to them. Nice try....won't fly. Absolutely pathetic.

UPDATE III: Andrew McCarthy - "Big Brother Congress"

UPDATE IV: Reference the above "push poll" Mark Levin agrees.

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